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The World’s Sexiest Sportswear Brand #LATESSITURA

Fitness bloggers’ favorite – La Tessitura figure-flattering workout leggings for women

Over the last ten years, activewear has done the seemingly unthinkable – it went beyond the gym to became an essential element of women's daily wardrobe. The emergence of a new fashion style called sporty chic has created a steadily growing demand for new and improved workout clothes – ones that are not just comfortable but also trendy. A nice pair of leggings can now easily be paired with such classic wardrobe staples as white t-shirts, striped tunics, oversized sweaters, jeans, leather jackets, and even dresses. A wide variety of designs and styles presented on the market make it easy to find the right pair for you. But there is one major problem – not every body type can rock leggings with confidence. The garment is so fitting that it is unforgiving to ladies with cellulite and saddlebags. This is why our brand has decided to come up with innovative figure-flattering women's sports leggings that mask cellulite, so you have one less insecurity to worry about!

Best sports leggings material for ultimate performance and style

Spandex is super stretchy and figure-hugging, while nylon is lightweight, absorbing, durable, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. We use the combination of 18% Spandex and 82% Nylon to give you the best of both worlds! The blended fabric is cozy and soft for casual wear as well as stretchy and sweat-wicking for working out. But what makes us women's leggings truly unique is the special yarn texture that allows to create a 3D pattern which masks cellulite. Thanks to four-way stretch, our leggings will give your body an instant lift and perfect fit. No matter how hard you work out – they keep their shape and don’t stretch out in the knee area.

How to care for our brand’s women sports leggings

Taking excellent care of your pair of La Tessitura leggings will ensure that they last you the longest time. Follow the simple steps below to keep them as good as new:

  • Washing

    Choose a cold-wash way and use a small amount of liquid detergent. The legging cannot be washed in the washing machine.Don’t add any fabric softeners or bleach! It is better to wash your leggings separately from other clothes to avoid color transfer and snags.

  • Drying

    We recommend air-drying for all our garments. Tossing them into a dryer may cause a loss of elasticity.

Be extra careful using bronzers and self-tanners. These products can permanently stain the clothing.

Why you should buy our sports leggings

How many times did you want to get on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon but felt too insecure about your body to go to the gym? Our gym leggings for ladies mask all the imperfections and gives you an instant butt lift to help you feel confident no matter what your shape or body type is! They fit like a second skin and offer high compression to make sure everything stays in place while you are active.

Remember when you were doing squats in the gym or bent over to pick up something from a supermarket shelf, and somebody told you that your yoga pants are completely see-through and your underwear shows? If you would try us, you would forget about such embarrassing situations once and for all.Our sportswear is non-slip and has a perfect texture to keep you covered while you are working hard on that peach booty. Check out our Instagram Page for some style inspiration and honest reviews. Be the star of your gym with us!