Anti Cellulite Leggings - Blue Mint

159.00 LEI


The AntiCellulite leggings have the ability to hide cellulite totally and shape the body in an aesthetic way. 

At the back panels there is a special stitch that has the function of lifting the glutes muscles, so the posterior part appears more aesthetically pleasing compared to a normal stitch.

(The white background pictures are XS-S sizes, the darker background pictures are the M-L sizes)

General Guide
Women up to 56-57 kgs need XS-S size, height up to 1.85m-1.90m
Women over 56-57 kg-80 kg need M-L size, height up to 1.85m-1.90m

Please respect our mentions of kgs for each of the sizes Xs-S and M-L

The physical configuration of each person determines the right size (Example: Even if a person weighs up to 63 kg with the specified height, but has the oversized hips or thick bones, requires the M-L size. Make sure that the size is right for you but if you have any questions, please contact us and send us a photo of you on our email

*The size XS-S comes back in stock soon *

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