Imperfect ZigZag Leggings - Salmon Rose

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ZigZag Leggings have the property to shape and improve the shape of the glutes, optically adjusting eventual imperfections. When combining the rear panels there is a special seam that has the function of lifting the glutes, so it appears more aesthetically pleasing compared to a normal seam. 

The material we use in the manufacture of ZigZag tights is interlock. The main features of the interlock:

- The fabric has a dense structure, of two filaments that overlap, so the material has a high degree of cohesion, with a long durability

- Both sides of the fabric are identical, with an extremely fine texture, resistance and soft

- Due to the robust 3D structure, the elimination of perspiration is much more efficient, as well as its absorption being high

- The material returns to its original shape after it is used, it is not siphoned, it doesn't make wrinkles 

The fabric is very stretchy, so we suggest the following: 

Size XS - 45-65 kg

Size S - 65-85 kg

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