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The set contains the 2 Ways Blouse(a blouse that can be worn on both sides, according to your preferences) and the Cross Leggings.

Cross Leggings have the property to shape and improve the shape of the glutes, optically adjusting eventual imperfections. When combining the rear panels there is a special seam that has the function of lifting the glutes, so it appears more aesthetically pleasing compared to a normal seam. 

The print of the blouse is individual, each blouse being unique. Please keep in mind that the product you order may not be the one in the picture and its print may be scattered differently. 

Fabric composition: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex (2 Ways Blouse) and Interlock 100% (Cross Leggings)

General guide

2 Ways Blouse - universal measures, fits people with XS-S-M sizes

Cross Leggings - the fabric is very stretchy, so we suggest the following: 

Size XS - 45-65 kg

Size S - 65-85 kg

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